sodium girl’s amazing 5-spice chicken salad

Sodium Girl 5-Spice Chicken Salad

I never would have guessed one of my favorite cookbooks would be a low-sodium one. I’ve said it before… I’m a salt lover, like so many foodies. But when I try the recipes from Jessica Goldman-Foung’s Sodium Girl’s Limitless Low-Sodium Cookbook, all I can think is how good they are. The absence of salt never crosses my mind. I almost wish this was an exaggeration — the Chinese Five-Spice Plus One Chicken Salad recipe in the book is one of the best dishes I’ve ever cooked at home.

Sodium Girl 5-Spice Chicken Salad

The trick is the chicken. You use thighs which stay tender when you roast them. They’re coated in sesame oil, salt-free Chinese five-spice powder, and garlic powder. What comes out of the oven is magical.

Sodium Girl 5-Spice Chicken Salad

Seriously, at this point I was all set. I just wanted to eat this chicken right off the cutting board, it’s that good.

Sodium Girl 5-Spice Chicken Salad

But of course this is a complete recipe with a really yummy dressing and roasted almonds, served over fried mai fun noodles (so fun doing that). And don’t worry too much about the greens. She calls for iceberg lettuce and Savoy cabbage, but I swapped out the cabbage because I couldn’t find it in my local vegetable market. I should mention the varied textures are a big part of the success of this recipe — crispy, soft, crunchy, and chewy, all combined into one. I’ll be making this regularly.

4 thoughts on “sodium girl’s amazing 5-spice chicken salad

  1. I noticed you put “salt free” next to five spice, does that mean not all five spice is salt free? if it does have salt in it, wil it say it on the bottle? Just seeking low sodium, gluten free meals so Im not killing anyone. I have a person that has to maintain a low sodium diet.

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