recipe girl’s easy chickpeas and chard

Chickpeas with Chard

This drawing is now closed. You already know about the giveaway for a copy of the new The Recipe Girl Cookbook by Lori Lange. No? Well, just post a comment here or on the last post about her amazing risotto if you live in the US or Canada by April 22nd at midnight to be entered. But first, let me tell you about another amazing recipe from the book — this one-pot meal made with chard and chickpeas. I’m not going to divulge the whole recipe because I want you to check out the book for yourself. But I will tell you it’s really easy and super yummy.

Chickpeas with Chard

The other thing I’ll tell you is, just like the risotto, that this recipe is vegetarian, and there are lots more like these in Lori Lange’s new cookbook. There are gluten-free recipes too, and one of the many things I love about the book is that Lori really goes out of her way to suggest vegetarian and gluten-free options whenever possible, because she understands how tough it is to cook for families these days. Everyone has different diets and restrictions, but that shouldn’t prevent you from making a delicious dinner for all to enjoy. So remember to post a comment below or on the risotto post if you want a chance to win a copy of the book.

4 thoughts on “recipe girl’s easy chickpeas and chard

  1. My family started eating raw vegan 4 months ago because we all needed to lower our blood pressure and blood glucose levels, slowly we are transitioning back to more of a vegetarian diet. It has been really exciting to put new spins of the food we had been eating during the 4 months! Thank you for this recipe!!!

  2. This looks sooo good. I’m so glad to hear the recipe book offers GF and vegetarian suggestions – my husband is mostly GF and lactose-free, so finding recipes that meet both our diets can be difficult sometimes! Thanks also for the GREAT giveaway.
    Melissa (melissa koski at gmail dot com)

  3. I’ve already bookmarked this recipe on another site. Seems to be a favorite! Exactly how I like to eat — especially now when I’m trying to use up last summer’s kale and chard harvest (blanched and frozen) before planting this summer’s crop.

  4. This elderflower cordial recipe from TeaSleepFood is perfect for a summer’s evening, and lasts for up to two weeks in the fridge. Try mixing it with fizzy water for a tasty no-alcohol tipple.

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