Chinese take-out cookbook giveaway

Stir-fried beef

This drawing is now closed. Anyone who ever reads my blog knows what a big fan I am of The Chinese Takeout Cookbook. A few of the recipes have turned into my go-to standards, such as the cold sesame noodles. So I’m really happy to be holding a drawing for a copy of the book, open to anyone who lives in the US or Canada and posts a comment below by midnight on April 29th. A random winner will be chosen (thanks to the publisher for the book). About this recipe, it’s the Sichuan Dry-Fried Beef, another winner. Of course I turned it gluten-free, but it was easy this time because I just had to substitute in some gluten-free soy sauce. Okay, so I also spiced it up a lot with several more dried chilies than what author Diana Kuan calls for. But besides that, it’s fun to make and super easy, and of course it tastes better than anything you’re going to get at your local Chinese take-out restaurant. Just don’t forget to make a big bowl of white rice to go with it.

21 thoughts on “Chinese take-out cookbook giveaway

  1. Would LOVE a copy! I teach cooking to children at our after school program, would love to have some inspiration 🙂 Thanks!

  2. When I first arrived in LA, some 10 years ago, I was told that downtown LA was known for incredible Dim Sum and Chinese food. As a lifetime New Yorker, my suspicions were high given that (in my opinion), New York ranks as one of the top four Chinese Food Capitals of the world along with San Francisco, Richmond BC and Singapore. Well, I was right. With all due respect to my now fellow Angeleno’s, with the exception of YANG CHOW in LA, the Chinese food here is chop suey! This book is just what I need to bring some Chinese flavor back into this New Yorker’s tummy! 🙂

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