big summer potluck does it again

Big Summer Potluck 4 -- 2013

Don’t look here for a comprehensive recap of Big Summer Potluck 2013. You won’t find portraits of the speakers or my thoughts on what they said. You won’t find photos of the cooking demos or a recap of what we ate. You won’t find posed, close-up shots of my friends.

Big Summer Potluck 4 -- 2013

You will find my thanks. I want to first express my appreciation for the attendees, because without the amazing people who attend every year, there wouldn’t be a BSP. Thanks to everyone for their kindness and openness. Thanks to everyone who baked and cooked, especially a few for the particularly amazing gluten-free treats I tried. Thanks to everyone for the chats, smiles, and hugs. I also want to thank the sponsors — sorry in advance if I’ve missed any. I know the conference wouldn’t be possible without companies like KitchenAid, Oxo, Musselman’s, Sabra, Gourmet Garden, and more.

Big Summer Potluck 4 -- 2013

I really want to thank the people who put the conference together this year. I don’t know the extent of who did what, but the conference was flawless. It was still in a barn. We still did a lot of eating and talking outdoors in the grass. Flip-flops, summer dresses, and shorts were still appropriate attire. And I’m sure a few of us still got mosquito bites. But everything just worked this year. Such incredible thought and planning went into it, I was amazed at every turn. I’m going to miss a name or two for sure, but thank you to Erika, Chris & Karen, Debra & Rod (especially Debra for looking out for the gluten-free folks!), and Pam and David.

Big Summer Potluck 4 -- 2013

But without Maggy, there would be no Big Summer Potluck. I’m sure she’ll disagree and say it’s a team effort, but it’s more than just the work that goes into putting this “conference” together. Maggy is the heart of it. And if you know Maggy, she’s got an abundance of heart. It comes through in everything she does, and this year was no exception. I loved hearing Joe, Jeni, and Jessamyn speak about what they’ve done to get to where they are today, but part of me goes to BSP just to see Maggy do what she does best — bring people together in a beautiful way. She inspires me. Thanks, Maggy, for another wonderful event.

10 thoughts on “big summer potluck does it again

  1. What a great, thoughtful review. Nobody else could have summed it up the way you did here. Agree with you, the BSP4 team was terrific and Maggy was at the heart of it all. It’s always nice to see you at events, Justin. Enjoy the rest of summer !

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