spicy black beans

I won’t make excuses about not posting for a while. Well, maybe just one excuse. I was busy having fun at the IACP conference here in New York City. If I write a post about all the cool people I met and saw, I’d risk forgetting to mention a few of you. Plus I didn’t … More spicy black beans

slow-cooked short ribs

Go ahead and ask my authors — they’ll tell you. Professionally speaking, I’m not a fan of seasonal cookbooks, and I’m always trying to talk writers out of organizing their books that way. I say things like, “that’s now how real people cook,” “seasons vary depending on where you live,” and “the average person shops

turkey patty time

I’m a bit of a burger snob. People mention Shake Shake or some trendy burger joint, and all I can think is, “Why bother?” Yes, I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for Good Stuff in D.C., but at home I can literally count the number of times I’ve made a burger in the … More turkey patty time