a few small things

“Small” isn’t necessarily my thing, at least not when it comes to food, but it seems to have been a trend lately in my wanderings. Macarons aren’t usually my thing either, but I stopped by the Share Our Strength bake sale in front of Kiehl’s in New York City, put together by my buddy Maggy … More a few small things

almost the 4th, kimchee dogs, and crazy-good ice cream

Thanks to everyone for tips on where I should eat in D.C. and Philly. (It’s not too late to post more suggestions!) Someday I’ll stop raving about the Hester Street Fair, but that day isn’t today. I stopped by for the holiday weekend celebrations, which included a live DJ. I’d tried some samples of Guerrilla … More almost the 4th, kimchee dogs, and crazy-good ice cream

fish taco contender

Supposedly NYC is going through a Mexican food renaissance lately, but I ain’t buyin’ it. Lucky thing for me, I stumbled upon 1776 Tacos at the Hester Street Fair for their inaugural weekend. I heard the girl at the counter saying something about how she knows Su-chin Pak, but I swear I stopped by for … More fish taco contender