not food

An interesting thing about sharing your life with someone is the way you blur the lines between you and them. You can’t remember where that matchbook came from. There’s an old scarf in the closet, and you don’t know if you bought it for yourself or if it was a gift. Is that your book … More not food

mystery bars

After years of blogging about fun stuff, trips, favorite food events and restaurants, baking, and the latest cookbook I’ve edited, recently I decided to try something different. Once again I have to credit Shauna for the inspiration to put a little more of myself out there. I wasn’t expecting the amazing response I’ve gotten, but … More mystery bars

more something else

My blog is pretty quiet on Sunday nights, especially during 3-day weekends when the Golden Globes are on TV, so I thought maybe I’d sneak this one by without anyone noticing. Then again, a lot of people said nice things to me about my Something Else post, and this turned out to be quite a … More more something else

something else

It’s been an interesting year.  Maybe a bit of a roller coaster ride.  I’m not really sure when or where this ride ends.  If you read my blog or Twitter feed, you probably know I’ve been working with Gluten-Free Girl.  And if you know anything about Shauna, you know that she puts it all out … More something else